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Value Chain

Destinations of the cotton fiber of our gin

Servicio de desmote a terceros

Our cotton ginner, an industrial pride at a national level.

Our cotton ginner is situated in the city of Villa Angela (Chaco) in the middle of the cotton belt of the province. It has been working since 1972, and it is one of the main ginning plants at a national level. The combination of the latest technologies and the personal treatment with cotton farmers has now established us as an excellent alternative in the cotton area. Our managers are in permanent contact with the producers, providing them technical, logistical and financial support.

Value Chain

In the textile industry, the process begins in the cotton fields with the farmer´s plantations. Raw cotton is taken for processing and starts the first stage of the textile industry.

The separation between the fibers, seeds and shells is produced by the ginning process, the second stage in the value chain.
The fibers are baled and stored. These bales of cotton fiber are the input used by the mills for the manufacture of yarns, finishing the third stage of the value chain.


Destinations of the cotton fiber of our gin

The production of cotton fiber of our gin supplies three centers of consumption:

• Supply of our mill in the town of Goya

• Supply to other mills in the domestic market in Argentina

• Supply of mills abroad.

Ginning Service for third parties

As part of our integration with agricultural producers of cotton, since 2005 we have incorporated the ginning service.
This service is based on the following competitive advantages:

1. Logistics advantages:
• Direct reception in bulk by truck Stuller system and / or modules.
• Storage System bundles in cells with comprehensive insurance.
• Availability of transportation at very competitive prices.
• Linking with the market, internal and external, through our commercial network.

2. Technological advantages:
• State of the art “Continental” ginning machine, equipped with stripper cleaner for harvest cotton in narrow groove.
• Modern sorting area and fiber subdivision, addressed on an ongoing basis by a qualified national fiber classifier.
• Laboratory equipped with a system-Uster HVI-Pinlab.